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Visiting San Francisco: The City by the Bay

Posted on 20 May 2018 by admin (0)

San Francisco often appears as the number one choice for most travelers in the world. Although, vacationing here is not so cheap. Hence, we decided to create this travel guide for anyone who is hoping to visit vacation, we’ll tell you the top things to do if you are going to be on a budget during your days here.

Seeing the incredible waterfront in San Francisco is one of the reasons why most people always want to visit. San Francisco has some of the best attractions in the world, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacific Ocean, Alcatraz Island, Treasure Island and Bay Bridge.


This is the oldest, largest and the most vibrant Chinatown all over the Americas. It hosts some of the most mesmerizing histories in San Francisco; this is why we recommend you take a tour in Chinatown in order to learn more about the city.

Golden Gate Park

This is the largest park in the city, there are varieties of activities you can carry out here for free; it’s more like the best place to chill and relax for visitors in San Francisco on a budget. You can get to the park using public transportation, a hired car, you can as well get there using Uber or Lyft for about $10 (although it depends on where the trip is starting).

Take a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

Getting to the Golden Gate Bridge can be a little tricky, and this is why we mentioned your transportation options above, though, having a car seems to be the best option. The bridge is over 200 feet above sea level, and you’ll be able to get some of the best views of different places in San Francisco.

Have Chinese Food

After devouring an egg tart, you’ll most likely want to request for more and more, but do you know if you do this; there’s a great chance that you’ll eventually miss out on all amazing Chinese food in the Downtown area? Since you are on a budget, we recommend a perfect budget restaurant for you known as the Delicious Dim Sum. You can just walk in here, grab some dumplings and some other snacks, and then walk out with great foods at low prices. Amazing, yes?

Musee Mecanique

This place is so loved by most kids, even for adults. Here, you can play the latest video games and some mechanical games like pinball. If you love these, then Musee Mecanique is the right place for you. There is an amazing collection of arcade games; you’ll even find old games here. By the way, it’s free admission; all you have to do is bring handfuls of quarters so you’ll have so much fun here for hours!