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Papua New Guinea Food and Drinks

Posted on 05 November 2020 by marycimeni (0)

Are you excited for your vacation to Papua New Guinea? We have listed a couple of food suggestions that you should try. Now let us get into that list.

• Chicken pot. This has always been a popular food in Papua New Guinea. You might think it is a common dish but the chicken pot here is so unique. The chicken is stewed with blended vegetables and coconut cream and you can just compare that to how stew tastes in other places.

• Mumu: In this dish, the pork is broiled in a customary earth stove and is presented with yams, rice and vegetables. It’s a mouth-watering dish that you must try in this country. Plus it makes you feel really full. 

• Kokoda Fish: This delicious dish features fish, cooked with a lime-coconut sauce. 

• Sago: The substance accumulated from a sago palm is the starch utilized for making bread and puddings. It’s kind of sweet and more like of an Asian food. 

• Dia: This is a very unique food in Papua New Guinea that you should try. It features sago and bananas cooked with coconut cream. Just when you though these ingredients cannot go together, this country has found a way to make them blend together and come up with a really delicious food. 


Now, you might want to ask if there is a night life in Papua New Guinea. Of course, there is but make sure you are already 18 years old and above if you want to go clubbing. Liquor is accessible in Papua New Guinea and for the most part incorporates lagers from Australia and the Philippines. 

Things to know: 

Tipping isn’t standard in Papua New Guinea and is frequently discouraged. Therefore, you don’t have to oblige yourself to give a tip.