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Is Amsterdam Really Worth All The Fuss?

Posted on 14 May 2018 by admin (0)

Ok, quick question- is it possible to NOT like Amsterdam? I can hear like a thousand NO’s ringing in my head right now. There are too many reasons to love Amsterdam- from the pretty canals to the beautiful bridges, the narrow houses, so many bicycles and flowers everywhere and a liberal culture to top it all.

You’ve probably heard this before but saying it again won’t hurt Amsterdam is totally gorgeous and you may not be able to stop yourself from taking pictures every step you take in the city.

Whether you are traveling to Amsterdam for some time alone or with family or a loved one, you’ll definitely enjoy every second you spend here.  We recently went back to Amsterdam for the first time in 20 years. We took our kids and grandkids this time, to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Chandler Towing and Recovery business. 

Amsterdam Travel Tips

  • Avoid weekends and try to visit during the week (you’ll get cheaper rooms)
  • You should get yourself an I Amsterdam card
  • Coffee shops aren’t exactly cafes
  • Do not take pictures in the Red Light District
  • Try not to get in the way of the cyclists
  • Carry a refillable bottle and drink tap water
  • Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the rain, as it can rain anytime
  • Parking in Amsterdam can be expensive, you should park outside Amsterdam
  • Give the locals and their city some respect
  • Prepare to get lost
  • Always have your ID with you
  • Be wary of pickpockets
  • Book a room in advance to avoid paying high costs for accommodation.

Amsterdam Events and Festival

A cultural event is held in Amsterdam virtually every week. Most of these events and festivals have long traditions, and they are carefully conserved by the Dutch. However, the festivals are always nice for tourist because most of them are held with the English-speaking audience in mind.

The events are categorized into:

  • Spring Amsterdam events- they include; Koningsdag (Kingsday), Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation day),  Grachtenfestival, and the annual Gay Pride.
  • Autumn Amsterdam events- they include International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA), Museum Night, etc.
  • Winter Amsterdam events- they include; Amsterdam Light Festival, New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Sinterklass.

Dutch Foods You Have to Try

  • Bitterballen
  • Stroopwafel
  • Thick Dutch fries
  • Kibbeling
  • Raw herring
  • Oliebollen
  • Cheese
  • Poffertjes
  • Stamppot
  • Ontbijtkoek
  • Dutch liquorice
  • Indonesian Rijstaffel
  • Snert
  • Tompouce

Top Things to Do in Amsterdam

  • Hop on a bike
  • Get lost in the arty Jordaan
  • Catch the ferry to Amsterdam North
  • Soak up some culture at the museum
  • Take a cruise on the canal
  • Visit Anne Frank House
  • Visit a market
  • Come up close with original Van Goghs